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Price Advice on Kodak 7265 Plus-X Reversal 16mm

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I was wondering if anyone had an idea on fair pricing for Kodak 7265 Plus-X Reversal 16mm? Either in 50' rolls or 100' rolls. I know it's out of production but I've seen some different listings on eBay and Etsy with prices all over the place. Just wondering if it's worth paying the cash that the sellers want, or if it's a ripoff. Prices from $50/roll to over $100. I'm more of a hobbyist than anything and trying to learn what I can.


Thanks to anyone who can help!

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I assume you mean 7266. I don't think there ever were 50' rolls, just magazines.

I don't know why you think it was discontinued- it's still in this year's catalogue at $38.04/100', so make your own judgment as to whether it's worth paying extra for convenience. Kodak will supply a single roll IIRC.

Edit: here's the online store. $10 postage flat rate any quantity. 5 days' delivery. You lucky thing, I'd probably have to pay twice that here.


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There are lots of folks offering expired film and it's a really good source of film for testing and film shorts. I purchase expired film where possible, and have saved $$$$ on tens of thousands of feet of perfectly good film. But as you've probably noticed, there's many people trying to sell film for unrealistic prices. Here are the variable I use when deciding how much to spend when buying old/expired film:


1. How old is it?

Over time, cosmic rays and terrestrial radiation fogs film. I've shot alot of film (colour and black and white) that was manufactured in 2004-2006 without any issue, but you need to test. I generally avoid film made in the 90's unless it's been tested and it's really, really cheap. The older the film, the more base fog and the more chance of improper storage, which leads to...


2. How was it stored?

If the film was frozen, all good and it's worth more. If it's been kept in an attic, then the film will certainly be affected and you can offer less.


3. How urgently do you need it?

If you're in the middle of a shoot and you need to match the stocks, then you're probably willing to pay more... which leads to...


4. Do you really need Plus-X?

As pointed out, you can buy fresh Tri-X reversal for ca. $40 per 100ft roll. You can also use this as a point of reference on price for online sellers wanting to offer 15 year old film for exorbitant, unrealistic prices.


But beyond these factors, I'd never pay $100... you're a hobbyist looking to learn and buying *cheap* expired film is a great way to learn. Plus-X was an awesome film with a finer grain than 7266... I just found two 400ft rolls that were kept frozen since purchase for $15 each. Just keep your eyes peeled and good deals do turn up.

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the input!!


Clarification: I definitely meant 7265 NOT 7266. The whole reason it caught my eye was out of curiosity due to it being discontinued. I know I can easily get TriX for relatively "cheap" and definitely will for more serious projects. For this project it would be purely just to try it out, for fun. As long as that fun isn't too expensive.


I was just looking for an experts opinion on what is too outrageous a price for film that has been out of production for 7 years since I don't know too much about the film.


Sidenote: all sources I've considered say their film is frozen

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