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Will Montgomery

Film loaded in Reverse

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Had a loaded 35mm 2c mag sitting in the garage for 5 or 6 years and stumbled upon it a few months ago. Didn't look at it very closely and shot it for fun on a night scene. Not exactly proud that I let it through but it wasn't a paying gig and I guess stranger things have happened with film.


Here's the results shooting through the wrong side of the film and flipping it in post. Also a still from the BMPCC we also used. Always have a backup.





BMPCC backup...


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Wait what? You loaded the camera emulsion side in? Interesting, I didn't know it would capture any image that way, I always thought the rem jet coating would pretty much render the film worthless. What a cool result tho! :)


Side note... where'd ya get the costume from? I dig it! :)

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I got a similar result once from accidently shooting a roll of standard 8 Ektochrome with the emulsion at the back. It's actually a technique called redscale that people do deliberately, with sometimes beautiful results. Helps if you overexpose by a couple of stops.

I know it works with reversal and still photography negative, but like Tyler I thought the remjet of cine colour neg would block more light.

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The lab was like, "huh?"


I wasn't sure what happened until I realized it was all reversed. Had to work a little to get the image I got, it was definitely way underexposed. I've since heard a few DPs mention they've seen it done for special effect a long time ago. Throw a ton of light on it if you do it on purpose.


I'll have to find out where the costume came from. I know it was shipped and we only had it for a few days.

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Lomo used to make a film for stills called "Redscale" which was essentially this-- though yes you really need to over-expose. It's a kinda cool little thing to do on occasion-- but fully for FX or Music video or the like.

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