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I am selling a used Arri SRII 16mm (normal gate) camera with one good magazine, and a second magazine for parts. Included is a Zeiss 10-100mm lens. Lens has been collimated, and the camera package was recently sent to Bernie at Super 16 for a tune up. The camera has been cleaned and lubed and operation confirmed. One magazine has been gone over to make sure its ready to go. Second magazine needs parts for the doors (won't close) to be able to be used. That magazine has not had operation confirmed due to needing parts.


Payment by Paypal, since I live in Canada. Camera is still with Bernie at the moment, so if you live in the USA, I can have him send it directly to you after payment has been confirmed. If not he will soon send it back to me and shipping will be from Canada at that point. Customs fees will be your responsibility. I've been told this package is worth up to $2700 US dollars, but I'm only wanting $2500 Canadian dollars to sell this package.


No battery is included with this sale.


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Talked to Bernie's wife and they won't ship to a 3rd party, so this camera package will have to be sent to me first before I can send it to the interested buyer. I expect to receive the camera in 2 to 3 weeks time from today.

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I have to increase my price to $3000 Canadian dollars due to factoring in all costs to break even. I'm still losing money at this price, but I can live with 3 grand for this package. For US customers, 3 grand Canadian works out to a little over $2000 US. US customers will be responsible for paying duty charges. Shipping cost will be expensive due to weight of the box.


Also this camera is the standard 16mm gate. No Super 16 or Ultra 16 on this one.

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