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Len Peterson

Panasonic GH5 Anamorphic

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Hi all, I was just curious if anyone knows how well the GH5 works with anamorphic lenses such as Hawks or any other typical PL mount anamorphic lenses used on Arris or Reds. From what I can tell, if you just have the MFT to PL mount adapter it should work very well.


Any searches online don't seem to show this scenario. They all seem to be about anamorphic adapters involving a non-anamorphic taking lens, some in between adapter and then a smaller anamorphic lens.


We are doing a show with reds and hawk anamorphic and there maybe situations where using the GH5 would be to our advantage due to its size. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this setup. Also suggestions on which MFT to PL adapter to get. Wooden camera? Metabones?





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Wooden camera (if you're caged with wooden camera stuff in the first place) is a good deal adapter wise. I am not a fan of any of the metabones adapters at all.

As for anamorphic, does the GH5 offer a 4x3 mode? I think you'd have to test it as the camera is pretty new to have come out and i doubt people have really publicly tested such shooting situations out.

Also as mentioned, the smaller sensor on the GH series will effect lens choice as the lenses will effectively seem longer than they are.

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This article says there will be a 6K/4:3 anamorphic mode:



But since the entire sensor is 17.3 x 13mm (4:3), if this 4:3 anamorphic mode uses all 13mm of sensor height for recording video, then you're talking about a 1.35X crop factor compared to the 17.5mm height of 4-perf 35mm anamorphic (so you'd have to find a 30mm anamorphic to match the view of a 40mm anamorphic on a 4-perf 35mm.) But compared to a Red camera shooting 6K 6:5 for anamorphic, which is a 15.8mm sensor height being recorded, that's only a 1.22X crop factor difference.

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There is talk of this being possible using the SLR Magic 2:1 anamorphics, which are available solely in micro four-thirds mount. With an either imminent-or-recently-released firmware update (I'm not sure) the GH5 will have a 6K 4:3 mode. That mode should also be usable with other 2:1 anamorphics on adaptors, and given the high resolution the results should be reasonable even using the camera's internal SD-card recording.



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Plus there are SLR Magic's 1.33x anamorphic primes with PL mount. They are a bit more expensive than the 2.0x anamorphots. You would be using more of the width but not as much of the height of the sensor. 4k anamorphic might be the best signal, can you output 6k over HDMI uncompressed?? I don't think so.

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