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I was wondering about the mount of this lens. I'm trying to adapt to micro 4/3. It looks like Arri standard, but it didn't mount to my Arri standard adapter. Does anyone know which mount this is?


Thank you


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It does look like Arri Standard.. can you tell why it doesn't fit your adapter? What's not working? Arri mount rear diameter is 41mm.


It looks like the early type that needs to rotate inside the camera mount.


It's a little odd because Baltars weren't made for reflex cameras, but that mount has a bevel which would seem to be for clearing a 45 degree mirror and matches where the mirror is relative to the locating key on a Standard mount Arri.


I don't think I've ever seen Baltars in Arri mount, more likely to be in Mitchell or Eyemo mount, but that doesn't look like either of those. Eyemo mount is similar, but doesn't have that groove near the rear.

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Thanks for the response.


Its the small slot / groove of the mount - its width is too small for the adapter's metal tab to fit. I think I will try to file the adapter's metal tab's sides down so that it can at least insert.


I've also unscrewed the back focus ring (see photo) to see the design of the (helicoid?). So it seems like the focus moves the whole lens forward and backward.




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Baltars were sold in virtually every mount used between their release in the late 1930's and the release of the Super Baltars. For the most part, that means Eyemo, Debrie, Mitchell (almost all variations), Cameflex, Wall, etc. I have seen a single 40mm Baltar in Arri standard mount, but I don't think any of the three wider focal lengths (25, 30, 35) would reliably clear a reflex mirror. The 75mm, though, is guaranteed to work with pretty much any reflex system or mount because of its relatively long rear working distance. It also covers full-frame 35mm without issue (as do all Baltars longer than 35mm) and can give you a really pretty image if the glass is in reasonably good condition.

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Alex, thanks for the info.


As it turns out, after filing the metal tab of the adapter down, it still did not work. I did manage to fit the adapter's tab into the arri mount's groove, though after that, it is tight and the focus dial is just kind stuck. It's not a solution.

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It looks like it could possibly be OCT-18 to me.

A bit of a weird idea for a Baltar lens though but the tab thing is a characteristic of OCT-18 as are the mickey mouse ears. I can't tell if that is the case though as one of the big differences is the diameter of the mount but Arri Standard and OCT-18/OST-18 look very similar.


The focus dial doesn't move as the entire lens is supposed to roatate in the mount.

That's what the tab thing is about too.


IIf I had to guess I would say that it was Eyemo Eyemax mount especially given that it is a Baltar lens.

I can't tell the size/scale from the photos though.



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Alex - Thanks for the old post. That makes sense, and I'll probably do that.


Freya - You might be right. I don't have an Oct-18 adapter to test.



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