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Replacing foam light seals in Super-8/Single-8 cameras

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Hi there,


The foam light seals inside my ZC-1000 have turned to black granules. How hard would it be to fix that myself?


Also, I need to clean the edges of the mirror. Any caveats? I know that in older Eclairs you're supposed to never touch the mirror with anything...

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You can buy self-adhesive foam light seals, try google for a local seller. Easy to cut to fit the gap.


Reflex camera mirrors are front surface, so very easy to scratch, but if you're careful with a tissue and some isopropyl alcohol you should be able to clean it without scratching.. use one tissue per wipe.

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Thanks Dom, it can't be that difficult to replace, even though some of the foam is shaped like a circle. I'll have to get a caliper out and see how many millimeters thick it is.


I haven't used the ZC-1000 in over a decade. Hopefully it all runs well. I also hope the dirty edges on the mirror won't be in frame in the film. I've just purchased some of that Cinevia 100D Single-8 and it wasn't really that cheap.


It's funny how much a person's life can change in a decade. It feels good being able to get back into 8mm film after so much has changed.

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