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Long time reader.. Needing a little help to wrap my head around a possible video tap option for my ikonoskop SP-16



Could anyone let me know a little more about this product?

I'm wondering about power options, also just a general understanding of how it works in relation to a C-mount camera (how does the CCD work in relation to the film stock, where is my light going??? Also, Anyone see any reasons this won't work for a video assist for my NON-reflex Camera.)

Really looking to get this camera reflex without paying $6000USD for the Duall Conversion.


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this item might work for a videotap, but first you must get a beamsplitter into the camera, I would sugest (actually this is what I'm going to do as soon as i find the time) to install a Bolex H16 reflex beamsplitter into the IKONOSKOP SP-16, once done this, I belive most 16mm viewfinder knees should work.



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