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Stefan Fischer

AKS-4m Russian Arri 35 copy

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Today was a good day for me

Was looking for a long time for this AKS-4 camera.

The camera set has never been used and is in new condition


It is a very nice and well made Arriflex 35 copy.

Can someone tell me more about? Cant find near zero

Infos about it on the internet


Thanks in advance




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saw one sold on ebay couple of years ago and never after that, seems to be quite rare camera. the lens mount is its own but some Ukrainian and Russian ebay sellers sometimes confuse the aks mount to the much more common oct18 mount even when the diameter and appearance is different. so it is possible to find some extra lenses for it if you're lucky.

the aks mount has a heavily slanted groove's edge on the mount and a slant at the end of the mount too, when oct18 has a narrower more of a straight cut groove with possibly only tiny slanted edge and the end of the mount is usually pretty much straight cut with no slant.

you can spot them from the images even if the description is incorrect.


there is old Soviet propaganda/doc stuff on youtube etc. where you can see these cameras used for example for filming nuclear tests (having multiple aks's in a row pointed to the test area)



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this is from russian interwebs


AKS was a family of cameras designed for aerial photography

the letters stand for Apparat KinoS'emochnyj, which means, as you can easily guess - Cinema Apparatus

(not very creative branding... as you know, the soviet lenses were marked OKS - Ob'ektiv KinoS'emochnyj, or, Cinema Lens)


AKS-4 was copied from Arriflex 35 designs captured in the war (so says russian wikipedia)


this site here has a little more info - http://kinofototeh.ucoz.ru/index/0-88

in 1938 Lenkinap started making documentary cameras KS (direct copy of Eyemo)

AKS was a modification of KS - changes included the viewfinder, an added hotshoe (or something like it) to attach an aerial gunsight, and instead of a detacheable crank they added a crank with a reduction mechanism to make it easier for a pilot to load the spring


if i'm not mistaken, AKS series were manufactured by KMZ (Kransogorsk Mechanical Factory)

Edited by Kyryll Sobolev

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Google says:


8. Power supplies:

a) Direct current system, B,

B ) Rechargeable battery, B

9. Battery capacity, Ah 13

Edited by Samuel Berger

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Does anyone know the current value of the AKC-4?

Also I need the polarity of that two pin socket on lower part of the motor.

I assume the two pin socket next to the inching knob is sync. 

April 2019

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