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Pushing Various Film stocks

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I was curious, what is max that I can push from (I'm not afraid of grain, but I need decent image, and OK dynamic range):

1. Fresh FUJI 8547 ETERNA VIVID 500T

2. Old FUJI 8570 500T (Maybe someone has Idea when they discontinued 8570, I haven't found any info on that.)

3. Kodak V2 100T 5212 from 2012

4. fresh Kodak V3 5213 200T


thank you




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Eterna Vivid were higher contrast stocks and rather grainy, so I'd be careful with pushing. I'd guess it might be usable with a push-1 and a preflash at EI800.

You can process a test strip with push-1 and plot a H&D curve to see how much latitude is there. I won't attempt push-2. Or better yet take a meter of film, shoot an over-underexposure test with a stills camera, push process, and try to print or scan it.


These were beautiful stocks (Vivid 160T my favourite of all films), but not the best for pushing. If you need an EI in excess of 1000, pretty much the only way to go is Kodak '19 pushed 2 stops.


Expired 8570, which's old F series, will likely show a lot of fog normally processed, even worse pushed.


Kodak '13 pushed 2 stops might be a usable EI640 film. You can even try a push-3 with that film - it's low con, fine-grained, and has insane latitude.

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You shouldn't be pushing any stock that's been sitting in a refrigerator for more than a year or two. Since the Fuji stock hasn't been made since 2012, it's not "fresh" at all.


Of course, you can do what you want, but I've shot quite a bit of Eterna from 2012 and I over exposed quite a bit to get the level of noise and contrast right.


I'd say for the record, if you wanna shoot old stock, you really need to overexpose it, not "under" expose it.


Ohh and brand new 200T can be pushed 2 stops, it's just why would you want to?

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