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Philippe Lignieres

GIC 16mm cameras

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Does anybody knows if modifying GIC 16mm cameras speed is possible, or ever done ?

As far as I know, they just run à 16 fps, what is not common or handy. But they are very little cameras, with just 15m spools, more handy than B&H magazine...

Many thanks for your answers,


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Funny, I am right now working myself into that.


Si vous pouvez attendre encore une semaine je saurais dire exactement comment ça se fait et le coût.

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I just got my inaugural test roll back for a Gic 16 - and my first time shooting the new Ektachrome. Lots of problems, and have since sent off the camera to Mr. Wyss for repair. The take-up was inconsistent, so every 5 feet it would back up and (since there's so little room in there) jam. So I had my changing bag with me and would pop the camera into it after each 5 ft, and manually adjust the take-up. Unfortunately, it turns out that this changing bag was not 100% light-tight! It was also an extremely bright day, so I'm not too surprised. E100D, processing by Dwayne's, 2K scan by Nick Coyle. Lens was an Angenieux 17-68 with side finder. Camera's speed is supposed to be 16fps but I have adjusted the speed in the edit to 15fps and it feels correct. It's really just a novelty camera, cheaply made but fun and *tiny*. 


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