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Arriflex SR Super 16 conversion, PL Mount

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For sale is an Arriflex SR I Super 16mm PL mount camera package. The S16 conversion was done by PE Denz in Munich. This is the proper, expensive conversion where the Super 16 gate was moved and centred on the optical axis and a new PL mount front was fitted. The camera works without problems, I have shot 100 feet of film to test it. The batteries are charging and working well. Using the speed control, you can crank it up to 75 frames per second.

This wonderful camera was owned by a German DP and looked after very well before I bought it a few months ago. I have since bought an Arri 416 and decided to sell it on. The paint work has blemishes but that is to be expected (please see pictures).


Included in the package are:


Arriflex SR1 camera body (PE Conversion) Serial Nr. 60500

3 x 400 feet SR magazines

Camera grip 4-pin connection

2 x On-board batteries

1x battery charger

1x speed control 0-75 frames

Light weight support 15mm rods

Arri MB 16 swing away matte box, 15mm, with 2 4x4 filter trays

80mm fitting for classic Super 16mm PL mount lenses

Arri clamp-on sun shade with two 3x3 filter trays

Leather barney

2 x flight cases


The lens is not included, for demonstration purposes only. The Arri MB16 matte box comes without a flight case.


£2250 plus shipping for non-Ebay buyers



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9 hours ago, Jordan El Amrani said:

Hello Uli,

is this still available ?


Hey Jordan,

Sorry, long gone.

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