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Rob Hare

Retinette 1B Film Door Won't Close

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Hi, I have this made in Germany Kodak and I opened up the film door to make sure it was all in working order and now I can't close it. This camera is a little weird, you push a button to release the film door and I assume it is the same to close it, but it won't close. I'm a little stumped and was wondering if you guys knew anything. I'm planning on using this as my B&W camera and my Ricoh for color. Thanks!

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This is a cinematography forum, that's a stills camera. Possibly not the best place to look for answers to your question.


Is the door not closing properly or just not latching closed? Check the latching mechanism when you press the button, check there is nothing obstructing the door, try to figure out what could be blocking it. Get a manual to check if there are any tricks to the camera you're unaware of. Take it to a camera shop and see if they can help.


I'm not familiar with the camera, and you have no photos, so this is generic advice. Pretty hard to diagnose something as broad as your problem.

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:lol: Didn't even think about it being a still camera I'll remember next time.The door can close, it just will not latch. I'll see if I can get some photos up in a few.

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So does the latch on the camera body move back when you press the button or is it stuck open? That seems to be what would keep the door from latching shut. Maybe see if you can work it back and forth. If it's jammed open you might need to open the mechanism up to lubricate it or check the return spring or remove a burr etc.

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when I push the button, the latch moves. Nothing looks broken either. Might just have to suck it up and put the film in and just rubber band and duck tape it together until I get it fixed for now :D

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