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Mendes Nabil

Beaulieu 5008 - Removing lens and filter

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Hello all! I just bought a Beaulieu 5008 that i have not tested yet because of the dead batteries, and i have two questions:


-While i watch through the viewfinder, i can see the orange filter in pieces, it appears as a tiny black smudge or a clear orange filter depending on the position of the camera, and some other time the viewfinder is clear. I tried to activate the filter button but obviously the filter is detached, so how can i remove it from the camera? I've found some tutorials for Beaulieu 4008 but nothing for the Beaulieu 5008..


-The camera is probably dead and if it is the case, i will buy an other body and keep the lens that came with it (Angenieux 6-80 1.2), can someone tell me how to remove it from the camera?

I unscrewed the trigger first and then the lens block, which liberated it (i can now rotate the whole block), but i did not find a way to detach it from the camera body..


Also, some screws on the lens are rusted, so i'm thinking of removing them and put some brand new ones, is that something you would advice me to do? I don't like having rusted screws, and the optic is in a really perfect condition..



Thank you all!

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I just figured it out thanks to Bjorn Andersonn, Thank you again Bjorn!


I have two last questions:


-Does someone know where can i get a cheap charger for that camera? I'm using the original batteries (not recelled)..


Here is a thread that talks about chargers for the 5008: http://www.filmshooting.com/scripts/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9488

Can someone tell me where can i get one for cheap?


-If i put an Angenieux 6-80 on a 5008 Beaulieu that used a Schneider 6-66, will i have to readjust something or will it work right after i put it?



Thank you all!

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Use the ground glass to check on the focus (at wide open aperture). Then test a bit of film using a tripod and focus on an object in the far distance like electricity pylons and such. You may need dense ND filters to force the aperture open. many films are ISO 100+ and you will be at f11 before you know it. This is important when filming tripod style. When doing handheld filming while walking don't bother with collimating. Leave the aperture on 11-16 and all be as sharp as possible using Super-8


Use the internet to find chargers. Take one with a limited charge current as you may want to not fry the circuit in the camera


Curious how people, while filming costs some Euro 20 per minute, want parts and cameras for nearly nothing or film like they are using a smartphone.


Good luck.


BTW you can't see the orange filter through the viewfinder. UNless it is a screw-on at the front of the lens or an internal like on the 6-66 for 6008 cameras. Likely you mistakenly are taking the ground glass with particles on it for the daylight-filter.

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