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Seth Baldwin

Sekonic L-858D VS Sekonic L-758 Cine

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I plan on purchasing a light meter soon, just wanted to hear based on experience would be the better model to buy for reliability, efficiency and over all control on set.



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I like on specs the 858.
Seems got all you need.


What worries me is the boot time...




Here on the topic of lightmetering & review of 858:

The Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster: Is a light meter necessary in the digital age?



And here link to a thread with the same question on Reduser:

Sekonic L-858D vs L-758Cine


The last lengthy post on page 3 has some interesting points.





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I have the cheaper version of the 858 and it works well. I love the filter selection tools and touch screen, there is literally no way you can muck up any calculations.


The one thing I will say about the cheaper meter is that after 1 show, it fell apart. The 858 looks much sturdier which is really something to think about. I also wish mine had a spot meter, but it's incident only.


I will for sure be investing in an 858 soon... :)

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How are you liking the 858? I have one on the way but when shopping around I was surprised to see that Sekonic doesn't sell the 758 any longer; it was discontinued in Jan 2017.

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So far so good. I am remiss at the lack of buttons I am used to; which seemed a bit faster to me, but i'm talking seconds. Boot time hasn't been an issue, it's pretty quick. I love the built in filter-packs, makes that pretty easy. I do wish, and perhaps there is a way, to store more filters in the filter pack menu, but I haven't looked into that. I'm so far very happy with it, though having used the 758 for so long, there is some muscle memory I have to un-learn still and a new menu logic to remember, but only took me a day or two to get used to it. It's pretty simple.

Actually my biggest complaint is switching to spot mode is via touch screen and NOT via some kind of twist button. I hate that.

I also love that the memory function and memory recall, when you go into it, will tell you if it was a spot reading, or an incident reading (with lumisphere in or out). That's very helpful as well.

rarely have I strayed from 800 or 640 ISO @23.98, but changing that does take a second or so longer than when you had a scroll wheel.

Battery life has been good, and I do like it's a "common" battery which if it did die I could get at any gas station or from one of the numerous other AA powered things around.

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I have the Sekonic 858 and love it......previous light metre is GOSSEN Mastersix.....you get used to the touch screen and the boot up time and all the rest of it.....no gripes at all with it to be honest.......and there's nothing better than a combo incident and spot meter.....


.......sometimes i even take it out for fun, with no cameras (I'm 90% still photographer - Hasselblad V system + film) and test myself on light readings....i.e. i analyse the ambient light and check with the meter if I am right.....hahaha yes, no comments necessary....

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