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Samuel Berger

Everything wrong with STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI..and the franchise as it is now

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No, there's no doubt it will make money, but is it any good? Here's an amazing audio review that is 30 minutes long, yet I listened to the whole thing because it was so funny and true.



Hilarious enough to warrant its own topic, in my opinion. ;-)



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One good thing about 'The Last Jedi', not that I enjoyed the film very much, was that the Jedi order (or religion, or whatever it was) really was in need of reform. If you have any interest in the Star Wars films at all and include in that the 'prequels', what comes through is that the Jedi had become out of touch, proud, vain, and had forgotten their origin. The character Luke was doing what he thought was best. He might have looked weak and crushed but really he was being courageous and doing what needed to be done. The same thing has happened in world history. Powerful movements have been brought low because of going astray and losing touch. In the case of the church you could argue that the original faith has been completely thrown away by the leaders. We have beautiful cathedrals but the average Anglican or Catholic doesn't even believe what's in the Bible anymore. Oh, they believe it as a kind of beautiful myth. In Star Wars, Luke and Yoda realised that the game was up, so not really a "baby film" and it can be taken as a bit of an allegory. If something's real, it's real. If it's not, it's not. But if you no longer have faith in something, if you no longer think something's true, turn away and do something else. Follow a better path, onward and upward to truth. John 8:32. Merry Christmas.

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