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Zoltan Farkas

What ligtmeter should I buy?

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I'd like to buy a light meter around $400 and I would like to hear your opinions because I've never owned one before. It would be the best if it had direct and spot meter also.


Thank you! :)

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As for combined meter, NEW,
there are the
Sekonic 758 & 858,
Gossen Starlite 2,
Kenko KFM-2200

All above $500USD (in USA).

As for used and older, check the
Sekonic 558,
Minolta VI,
Kenko KFM-2100 (rebranded and same as Minolta VI).

The Minolta VI can be found for good price on ebay.
The KFM-2100 is the same meter. If you can find one you'll have a
newer (by age) meter, since it was discontinued just couple of years ago.

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Im looking to get my first light meter. Would the Sekonic Flashmate L-308S cut it or would you recommend spending a bit more?

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Save up your money and go for a Sekonic 858 or 458 ( i think it's a 458, might be 408).

Spectra Meters are nice as well

Used Minolta IV F are nice (and they actually are still made just under a new brand).


But a good tool once and not quite a few crap tools.

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If you're going to buy a new one, get the 858 which is cheaper than the 758 and just all around better. Sadly that video doesn't really go into too much as to why you need the things on the meter, just "this one looks cool" and "feels good in my hand."

There's also the Studio Deluxe II from Sekonic, which it all analog and great to carry as a back-up as well (i have it in my bag).

I've never needed to work in Lux, ever, and those meters both have foot-candles which are probably a bit more useful as the photometrics in the US on lights is generally listed in FC.

The biggest, best, difference on the 858 -v- the 758 is the normal batteries as opposed to the C123 (or might've been CR123) the 758 took which always seemed to die out right when you needed it.

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Wow guys!


Thank you for all your advices! Unfortunately I had to postpone buying one but I'm going to finish the purchase this year so you helped a lot!

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Hi Gregg.

From the specs i've seen, the IVF and VF have the
same measuring range -2 to 19.9EV (at 100ISO)
so i guess the same photocell.

The difference is small in some functionality:

Shutter speeds: IVF go in 1/2 increments, VF has selectable steps in1 full, 1/2 or 1/3 stop.


CINE speeds: both 8-128fps. VF has also 25fps. (we had this discussion in previous THREAD)
PS: IVF might not have 30fps. Workaround - select 1/60.


On IVF you get to the CINE scale after 1/8000 shutter, on VF you select a dedicated CINE mode where only the FPS's are available.

The IVF is calibrated/offset via screw in the battery compartment, on VF via menu.

The VF has Flash/Ambient Analyze function on the screen via 4 part circle.


In my opinion, the IVF should be great and sufficient for cine work.

Lot of good specimens form Japanese sellers on eBay.


I wanted a VF and got it for similar (slightly less) on auction.


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