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Matt Thomas

EBAY Anamorphic Clamps & Adapters

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I've seen some good results with things like Vid Atlantic clamps, and anamorphic projector lenses. Does anyone have any experience in setups like this?


After some brief price checking it's looking like I can end up with a solid look for cheaper than a day rental! What are your thoughts? Worth it? Sketchy?


^^ I have this same camera/recorder




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I tried it once, a few years ago, with an ISCO anamorphic projector lens on a dSLR. The results were nice, but the focussing was very finicky. It just about worked for stills, but there's no way I'd ever want to use it for moving pictures.

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Hey Matt.

Even though I haven't used the specific lens you linked to, I'll toss in my 2 cents on this since I've been playing around with my projector lens set up for about a year and a half now.

One of the biggest issues you run into is that these projector lenses need to be focused separately from your main taking lens.

A few companies have a single focus solution for this. SLR Magic has their Rangefinder, There's one called the FM focus module, and The Rectilux from John Barlow in Liverpool.

Without a single focus system, it's all pretty Rinky Dink.

The Rectilux is well regarded in the 'DIY anamorphic community'. Especially the latest design -The Hardcore DNA.

I've been using the first version Rectilux with a Kowa lens and I'm pretty happy with the results. I don't think anyone has done a side by side comparison between one of these mickey mouse set ups compared to the professional equivalent , but I suspect they'd be surprisingly similar.

My Kowa projector lens paired with an inexpensive taking lens looks comparable to the characteristics of the Kowa Prominar anamorphics that cost $20,000 each now.

You're seeing this method more and more in the professional world, so others are feeling confident in the results.

Prices are going up on projector lenses now thanks to the demand as well.

here's a youtube channel that will offer a ton of info:


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