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Chris Burke

7265 as negative

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7265 PXR has a mixed emulsions layer, that is a non-sensitized low-speed emulsion (actually like positive print stock has) and a high-speed panchromatically sensitized one are thoroughly blended and then coated. Upon exposure the non-sensitized silver salts are underexposed, about six stops. A negative is developed out the high-speed salts, then bleached, and dissolved out of the film. Next the remaining salts are exposed through and developed, forming the counterpart of the lacking negative, a finely grained positive. Due to the inversion process about one stop of speed is won, meaning 7265 is basically a ISO 50 film. Kodak states ISO 100 for reversal treatment and ISO 25 for negative development.


If you develop only to negative, you treat the film like a regular negative stock. I don’t see any advantage there besides the fact that heavily overexposed parts can be developed from the fine grain salts, so highlights might come better differentiated. At ISO 25 exactly this is achieved, the film is overexposed by one stop which doesn’t harm.


The grey base acts as anti-halo protection. Negative stocks usually employ that means.

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