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David Scott

scanning super 8 for simple viewing on tablet vs pc

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Ok so here's my next question, I've ordered 2 rolls of Kodak 50d, one as a test, the second as a submission to straight 8. I do not have a pc or mac, all I have is an LG tablet. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I can only really view up to 1080p in mp4 format. Pro8 is the only scanning company that lists mp4 as an out put, that I have found. And yet, a lot of people here tend to be anti-pro8mm. I only need the scan to see if my test roll gives me what I want. Pro8 is also more expensive. So, with my technological limitations, what would be my best choice for my test roll viewing for negative film?

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Maybe Spectra's Rank-A-Roll service. Call them tomorrow and ask what file format they deliver in. If they don't deliver it in mp4, just use an online site to encode the video into MP4. Or use Handbrake.


By the way, I would download VLC for Android on that tablet, as it plays formats other than MP4.


It is definitely worth it to scan more than one roll at a time and get better pricing. You would pay about $100 to get two rolls scanned in HD at Colorlab, in Maryland, but they have a $95 minimum so if you send one in, you're nearly paying for two.


Unfortunately even if you negotiated a cheaper price with Pro8mm, you'd run the risk of getting the short straw and becoming one of those people who'd give up on Super 8 due to Pro8mm giving you crappy results, dirty scratched film with pits in it, noisy video transfer, etc.

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Ok, cool, downloaded VLC, works with the Apple pro res file on Spectra's link for testing. I need to do more research into what all the digital files are, those systems are foreign to me. Thanks for the info. As far as calling Spectra though? Nah, I have talked to them on the phone twice and was disappointed with level of verbal service and I was calling to buy film! I was thinking Cinelab, but they have different digital file names too and I'm not sure if I will be able to watch them, and they have a $150 minimum. I think monday, I'll call a few places and see what the best option is going to be. Thanks again.

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You should PM Perry of Gamma Ray, he hangs out here. Explain your situation, he might be able to work something out as fas as scanning or if not, he might point you the right way. He's a real nice guy.




Spectra is fairly big and I'm not surprised that sometimes you get the wrong person on the phone.


Another alternative is Yale. They have this deal called "Reel Deal Cintel" which is $78 for standard def.



Processing & transfer (1 light) to DVD or Standard Def Digital File, one 50' roll of Super 8 Color or B/W Reversal & Negative, or one 100' roll of 16mm for only $78.00. High Definition $125.00.


The thing is, if you're just testing a camera, you might want to forego the more expensive HD transfer. The SD transfer won't look as good but it will let you know if the stock works for you, if the camera has any speed issues, is scratching, etc.


Then you can feel safe and scan your next roll higher.


Of course, you can always take option 3: You buy a used projector for cheap and shoot a roll of reversal film to test your camera. Unfortunately that confines you to Black & White in most cases, unless you purchase Provie 100D from Retro 8 Enterprises in Japan. It's an amazing looking stock and price includes processing.


Plenty of options out there. And no need to use Pro8mm ever.

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The camera is tested, I'm testing film speeds, apertures, lighting and other stuff to get a scene right. So, I don't need a 4k copy, but the colors and lighting need to be similar to intended. This is my whole problem with negative films. I have a working projector and have been shooting reversal film. Why involve computers into the mix? I miss kodachrome already and JUST restarting. Rant over. Basically, I need to see if what I'm trying to do with the scene comes out right on the film. Perry told me they have hi res outputs only, so no simple quick 1080p. No biggie, thanks again, I'll call a few places, including Spectra and get some more info.

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