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Samuel Berger

Gakken Single-8

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Back in 2008 this Heathkit-esque Japanese company called Gakken started work on a prototype for a Single-8 Camera Kit that you'd put together yourself for about $50.


Prototype pictures made their way onto the web:








Interesting bit of old news, I know, but I thought I'd share this. In Japan, Single-8 was much more popular than Super 8. But Fuji discontinued the film anyway and this didn't leave Gakken much of a prospect to market their camera kit.


But, they did create a handcranked Super-8/Single-8 projector with a LED light source, just for folks to play around with.





I often wonder if other companies tried their hand at Single-8 filmstock manufacturing. There were many brands of Super-8 cartridges, but other than the Retro-8 stuff, I'm not sure I've ever seen a non-FUJI brand of Single-8.

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Canon and Elmo made a few single 8 cameras based on the same super 8 models. I always lusted for a Canon 518sv for Single 8.


I actually have one last Fujichrome R25N in the freezer!

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