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Budget Light Background Fabric Suggestions

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So I have a product shoot where I want a white/translucent backdrop with party-gelled tungsten spotlights shining through. I need to get something seamless onto a metal 6x6 frame. Only need to cover 4x6, not the entire thing.


Would prefer going to a standard fabric store where I can get a few yards.


Anyone have any material suggestions with a nice look? Hopefully not too flammable? Hopefully doesn't wrinkle too easily?



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Everything other than metal is flammable unless treated to otherwise be so. I'd look at white shower curtain liner, big enough for a 4x6, might need two layers to be diffuse enough. Might find white scrim at a well stocked store or check the remnant room at Rose Brand in Seacacus.

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will you need the fabric texture to be seen?

Maybe you could use standard lighting gels/diffusion fabrics for this if 4' seamless width is enough for you.

heavy white diffusion or frost or sail grid etc. could work :) the gels are normally about 4' wide rolls so should be pretty easy to get the background done from a gel without any wrinkles.

should not cost lot more than 10 or 15 bucks depending on where you purchase it and what material it is.

if needing more diffusion you can just tape another layer on it.


if needing something even more affordable the shower curtain trick should work (I believe they are normally made of PVC so they are not super duper flammable though will release toxic fumes if burning) ...

there is spray on fire protection substances available as well which could be used for treating the standard fabric store materials to reduce the risk of ignition

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Don't get too hung up on the flammable thing. I'm invincible so flames can't hurt me.


I don't necessarily want tiny fibers or anything like that being super noticeable. Should I go for some kind of white spandex material?

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