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Patrick Cooper

Cannot join video with splitting / joining software

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I used to use a program called HJSplit to join video segments together that were previously split. It used to work flawlessly but not anymore. Ive been doing some experimenting recently and it will no longer join the individual segments together. I gave the following file name extensions to the segments – .001, .002, .003 and .004. What happens is that these days, HJSplit will only produce video from the first segment (.001) and will ignore the others in the same folder – hence no joining takes place.


I came across this extensive list of other splitting / joining programs.


I downloaded FFSJ and have that a try but I get the same result as HJSplit, even though it indicated that it had joined four parts. Though it did not. It just created a video from the first segment.


When I view the video segments in their folder in Windows 7, the .001 segment has a different thumbnail compared to the other segments. It looks like a bunch of steps that are stacked vertically. The rest of the segments show a blank page as their thumbnails. There's something else I notice with the individual (split) video segments that I have. When I click on the file name of the first segment (the .001 file) it says: "WinRAR Archive". However, when I click on the second file, it simply says: "002 File." And the third file says: "003 File" etc. Not sure if this is related to the problems I'm having with the joining programs that only seem to work with the first file while ignoring the others.

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Usually professional NLEs don't change the original video, by their nature they are non destructive, they just log the changes you make and they render that out as the export. the source media remains the same.

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