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Eric F Adams

Question concerning 16mm SR2

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Okay, on the Arriflex SR2 S16mm. I have read that you could possibly damage/alter your film if your eye or something is not covering the eye cup. For instance, if I were to be filming and I am holding the camera low and raise it belt level, swing it around, where I am just moving the camera with my hands. Without my eye covering the eye cup.


One film pro that I should always have eye cup covered so to just put a sock on it and tape it. Another film guy said it won't matter and that his eye would come off the eye cup numerous times with no ill effect. I don't have the $$ to play around and experiment so why do you experts say about this situation? Thanks.

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The viewfinder is a direct optical path to the groundglass, so bright light shining into the eyepiece can flash the groundglass, which can then flash the film when the mirror/shutter moves out of the way. It usually requires direct light hitting the eyepiece to be noticeable on the film, and it depends on the scene and exposure setting, but in theory anytime the eyepiece is uncovered some light is flashing the film.


Older Arri eyepieces have a spring loaded iris that only opens when you press your eye onto the eyecup, so they automatically close to protect the film when you take your eye away. They can be locked in the open position as well.


Newer eyepieces have a lever that opens and closes the eyepiece iris, so you have to remember to close it when you remove your eye.

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The older one, you locked it into the open position by screwing it down clockwise I believe.. yours is maybe in this locker open position .. try unscrewing the diopter and it might spring closed... the pressure of your head/eye on the eye cup opens it.. but it can be a pain and alot of people just kept it in the locked open position.. many doc camera people would also learn the art of opening their other eye to have a look around for time to time too..

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It's most likely the older style on an SR2, to be honest I can't remember anymore whether the newer ones can even be used on an SR2. I mainly worked on SR3s. On the newer ones the iris is part of the removeable eyecup assembly that fits on the large barrelled eyepiece:


post-46614-0-79085300-1519018905_thumb.jpg post-46614-0-63461800-1519019954_thumb.jpg


I can't find an image showing the front but from memory the eyepiece with an auto-iris looks like this:




There were some with a flap as well:






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