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Day and night lighting inside flat

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Hello sir, hope you doing good. Am shooting in a real location sir.Am planning to shoot with flood bulbs and led panel lights, low budget project. So I want to hang lights on ceiling connected with dimmer, am expecting 2.8/t stop. Also planning to use lamp shades and fairy light inside flat. Am trying to avoid movie lights for this project. On ground am going to use own made flood softbox as key light 4/t stop distance of 8ft.

This is what in my mind, pls help me to get good quality in a budget. Thank you sir

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Are you shooting digital or film?


Flood bulbs and LED panels? Are you sure about the color temperature of each light source? Will they mix successfully?


What's the interior color of each room? Are there primary colors on the walls?


I'd suggest you examine each room, determine the dominant color cast the interior decoration produces and start from there. Hopefully, the walls will be neutral to low saturation colors, or you'll have a hard time forcing a look different than the dominant existing color scheme.


Shoot some simple tests with the lights you plan to use; don't wait until production time and get burned!


Paper Chinese lanterns with practical lights on dimmers are great for B&W work for soft fill and general coverage, but more tricky for color, as the color temperature drops as you dim a tungsten bulb.


Cheap lighting tools I use usually consist of white foam core board for bouncing light (glue some aluminum foil that has been crumpled up and flattened back out on the backside for a 2nd type of bounce light), toughspun or other diffusion material to diffuse light, mirrors to divert sunlight into a room and then shape with other tools (tricky sometimes as the sun does move remarkably fast on a set!) and a good bolt of black felt for light blocking and shaping.


Just a few thoughts...

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It looks like there isn't much daylight coming into living room side of the apartment, so you'll need practicals on even in the daytime. You might consider gelling the windows with 1/2 CTO to correct the daylight halfway to tungsten so there is less of a mismatch.

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Am shooting in arri Alexa xt. Am planning to use either led or flood bulbs for color temperature.


Planning to paint all walls in primary colour.


Will surely do test shoot sir .


Thank you very much Frank wylie sir.

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