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Ryan Constantino

Filter trays for Arri MB-18?

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I'm a bit confused and wondering if anyone has some experience with the Arri MB-18 mattebox. I bought one second hand recently and didn't realize that it came with vertical filter trays which I thought was a bit strange. But I was looking at Arri's parts catalog https://sparepart.arri.de/catalogprod/app?__bk_&__rid=ICU1520134870835#2V10C9D9248E4C6405 and it says that yes the trays that comes with are in fact vertical.


Does anyone know if Arri makes a horizontal filter tray that fits into the MB-18? Because I can't seem to find it.


Anyone have experience with this mattebox? Thanks!


Edit: you know what I think I may have answered my own question:



it says in the Arri filter trays PDF that the F2 style tray works with MB18


Where can I get a set of these at a reasonable price? :unsure:

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You can definitely get horizontal trays for the MB-18.

Non-geared tray part number: K2.49083.0
Geared tray part number: K2.49096.0

But also, you should be able to rotate your stage so that the vertical filters can be pulled out from the horizontal position. This doesn't help with grad filters but could be useful for other filters while you're searching for horizontal. .

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Thanks for your reply James, I ended up ordered them directly from Arri. Yes the vertical trays can be rotated into a horizontal position but what ends up happening is the knurled knobs for locking the rotation and tray itself blocks the swing arm from opening so it's all good. They are pretty expensive but I needed to have them.


For anyone else searching, I found them at abelcine's website, but the price is exactly the same as if you were to order them directly from Arri, which I ended up doing.

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