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Rolando Morales

My first roll of super 8

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My first roll of Super 8. I shot very random scenes mostly at 18fps. I mixed in a few 24 and 54 fps. Most of the roll was under exposed a tad bit but nothing I couldn't fix in FCP. I am not sure what setting I had it on, bulb or tungsten. I do know I switched it back and forth here and there. I tried testing most settings and in very different lighting situations. As you can see towards the end I was shooting inside my living room with cloudy ambient light entering the room.

I am pleased and look forward to shooting some more.


Thanks to this forum and all of you who I have asked a ton of questions (Nick C. !) and all who have contributed for others to learn from. I have a ton of questions still AND I already purchased a second camera, a Canon 310XL.

Nizo 801
Kodak Tri-X 7266
Cinelab process and 2k scan


1 - Notch hack, yes or no? Do I even need it? I mainly ask for the Kodak films available and the Nizo 801 and/or Canon 310XL. My idea is just pop in the film and let either camera do its thing.


2 - Criticism is welcomed, but this is my FIRST roll. So any tips or suggestions can be helpful to me.


3- I added instrumental music. I wasn't going to but my wife said she liked it so I kept it. volume off if you want to keep it silent.



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That looks great! I like it. Did you use a light meter? I need to try some Tri X.


I was lucky on my first roll that I correctly guessed the aperture settings, but I think that was beginner's luck.

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Thanks everyone! I'll admit, nothing much to look at. But this is a reason I also chose S8 to shoot. I wanted this look and feel of everyday memories. I had to downsize the file to post on Vimeo (free account).


I did not use a light meter. I wanted to see how the cameras meter held up and to also learn the internal meter.


I have a roll of 200t from my recent trip to Georgia with some friends and this weekend I will be shooting another roll of 200t in my new to me Canon 310xl. Another "test roll" for that one. Can't wait to see those yet either haha

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Ha! You're very welcome. Always happy to help newcomers to the format. Spread the Super 8 love.


First roll looks good! Tri-X is a tricky stock in that there's not much latitude since it's reversal but this looks good. Obviously those last shots are a bit low but mostly fine. Needs a bit of levels/contrast added and you'll have some great stuff.


The 801 with Tri-X should always be shot on bulb. Otherwise it'll read as 100 which will overexpose it.


The 310XL is a solid little camera. Not as sharp but great for low light. Get some 500T and really see what Super 8 can do in low light. Sam can vouch.

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