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Toyota - Directed by Jota Aronak - 1st Car commercial!

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Hi guys!

I just wanted to share with you my first proper car commercial! (At last! :D)


We shot the car and lake scenes during one day at the end of February in a beautiful place up in the mountains in Madrid.


Jota and myself wanted to shoot it there because there was snow (production value!) and the lake looked stunning so we convinced everybody to shot there!


Now, Two days before shooting there was really bad weather as in a lot of wind and heavy snow all the time and the night before shooting there was rain so we thought: Well, this time we are not going to get away with this ha!


But somehow we got lucky and we had really good weather (cloudy) when we wanted it and some atmospheric snow when we wanted it so we couldn't be happier.


Anyways! here you go!


Toyota - Conduce como piensas


We shot the car and the lake scenes on Alexa + Master Primes and the rest on a bunch of other cameras, including Minidv, iPhone and Lomokina :)


Lighting wise we used a M18 with chimera on the Low-loader for the car interiors and a 2 meters x 2 meters frame with a double net for the exteriors to add contrast.


Hope you like it!


Have a lovely day!

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Really terrific work, great job!


BTW, that's the worst English I've ever heard.




Thanks Richard!! :) Glad you liked it!!!


The English language is the reason why I moved to Ireland haha..

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