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Samuel Berger

Hey what camera is that? (MarVista Behind the scenes)

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Appears at 0:07, 0:30 (with a BUNCH of monitors connected), 0:35, 0:39.



My daughter is watching the actual movie and I thought I'd ask. It looked like a RED brain from the side but what do I know?


Also a weird B cam in a rig at 0:26


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Looks like the RED scarlet but could be an epic.
Doesn't seem to be the later raven, weapon or dragon. Probably the MX sensor.


One of the monitors is the 5" touch screen which is mostly used as a menu controller as it's often easier than using the side handle or redmote.


That B-Cam rig looks like a Ronin in overslung mode to get the camera to head hight more comfortably. Weirdly it looks like the wireless focus on that rig is the cinegears one which I can't believe moved for more than 10 seconds.

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The B-cam rig appears to be nothing more than a Ronin or some such similar device. The camera looks like a later-model Red, probably Epic or Scarlet. It's too short to be an original Red One. Not too many other cameras that are used regularly are that small - besides Red - other than maybe Blackmagic, but I havn't seen anything to tell me they used Blackmagic on that shoot.

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yep, that's the RED onboard touchscreen in couple of shots and from the camera body paint colour I'm guessing it would be the Epic, probably the MX sensor like Chris suggested. early Scarlet would be relatively light grey colour paint, not black.


on some shots the body looks like lighter grey so they might have both the Scarlet MX and Epic MX used on the same production?

(it would be much easier to spot without that horrible 1frame per shot editing style B) )

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What strikes me about it more than anything is how much fun everyone seems to be having. And look at that spread for lunch! Round here, we usually look more like



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Looks like they are having a blast, I agree. Lot of it has to do with the large teen/preteen cast. Working with kids is almost always more fun than working with adults.


BTW) It List is actually a pretty good movie for a direct-to-home, MarVista product for kids. Watched it several months ago.

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