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Jeff Fitzgerald

Feedback/tips for doctor's office interview set up

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I’m about to start a full time salaried position for a cosmetic surgery office and I’m looking for some feedback on my imagined lighting setup. Most of the videos I’ll be shooting will be testimonial videos of actual patients, most of whom are middle aged women, no professional talent and no real make up. It seems to me my best bet is to blast them with as much super soft light as I can to fill in the creases on their skin, and maybe add something like a Tiffen Glimmerglass filter to add additional softening and glow.

My lighting kit is rather limited right now. I currently only own:


2 x 1k fresnels (one with barn doors),

4x6’ scrim jim with white/silver reflector & ¼ stop diffusion panels

cheap-o $37 battery powered camera mounted LED panel, a

basic medium CFL softbox without diffusion panel


I believe the office also owns two off brand 1x1 LED panels and a couple CFL fixtures as well. It seems to me that color accuracy should be a major consideration, as many of the videos will be used to show off post-op procedures to sell their services. For this reason I’m hoping I can get the look I want with minimal use of low quality LED lights and instead use traditional tungsten lights and a bunch of reflectors until I can afford something nicer like an Apurture 120 or 300.

I haven’t seen this exact set up before but I was thinking about making a booklight with the Scrim Jim and some insulation and rigging that horizontally as the top half of a clamshell, with another large piece of foam core underneath as a fill. Then I want to take the other 1K and bounce it into the ceiling to light the background, and rig a piece of silver stipple board behind the subject for that 1k ceiling bounce to catch and hopefully throw back some light into the hair for a nice highlight.


Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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If their cosmetic work is that good, they shouldn't need much help.... :)


But, I'd say use one of your fresnels to create a large, soft source directly over the lens, and overexpose it slightly. Use the other as a backlight. Then take the LED and CFL fixtures and use them to light the background where the color rendition doesn't matter.

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