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Selling/Trading 35mm Vision 3 short ends 200T/500T/250D

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Hey guys,


I recently spend several thousand dollars to secure over 30,000ft of 35mm Vision 3 short ends from a film that just wrapped production. My hopes are to sell some of it and trade some for 16mm stock to help my current production. All film is re-cans, but the lengths are decent, with some full 1000ft loads. I'll be trying to sell the longer loads first if I can.


Right now I have:


15,000ft of 5213 Vision 3 200T (Price = .32/ft)

10,000ft of 5219 Vision 3 500T (Price = .32/ft)

5,000ft of 5207 Vision 3 250D (Price = .28/ft)

1,800ft of 5218 Vision 2 500T (Price = .10ft) used as a special look for a certain scene


I'm very interested in trading some of this for NEW 16mm stock of the same value, as I'm currently producing a doc on S16 and paying for new stock from kodak has been a killer financially.


Otherwise, please PM me and let me know how much stock you're looking for and I will see if I can fulfill the requirement.

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I still have a lot of film left... Here are the current prices and quantities:


3500ft of Vision 3 5219 500T 35mm .25/ft
3500ft of Vision 3 5213 200T 35mm .25/ft
1600ft of Vision 3 5207 250D 35mm .22/ft

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Hi All,

I'm selling 35mm short end recans. Selling all footage at .25/ft. and have the below stocks available:

Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T Color Negative - 5,817ft

Kodak 5260 Vision 2 500T Color Negative - 400ft
Kodak 5212 Vision 2 100T Color Negative - 3,687ft
Kodak 5201 Vision 2 50D Color Negative - 400ft
Kodak 5217 Vision 2 200T Color Negative - 1,395ft
Fuji 8583 - 400ft
Fuji 8563 - 400ft

All recans have over 250 ft of film, some are full 400ft recans.

Please reply here or email hschleiff@gmail.com if interested in purchasing.

I am based in NYC, but can ship if needed.



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