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David Alcala

Arri SR3 viewfinder removal.

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I am trying to fit my Arri SR3 into my carry on case and I think that it will fit better if I can remove the viewfinder, but I am having trouble actually taking it off. Obviously I do not want to break it. Does anyone have any advice on how to safely remove the viewfinder? The Arri Manual I have has two pictures and some instructions I do not fully understand. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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I described this process in an earlier thread, but can't find it now.


You can remove the viewfinder by unscrewing the toothed lock ring that connects the viewfinder to the body (which also controls how easy it is to move the viewfinder at that joint).




Under the ring on the dumb side of the camera there is an allen screw which is locked with a little slotted lock nut. You need to undo that lock nut by a half turn (using a two prong driver or similar tool) and then by turning the allen screw with a 2mm allen key you will see the large toothed lock ring undoing. (The allen screw is actually a worm gear that turns the toothed viewfinder lock ring). Once the ring is loose, you can remove the viewfinder. Watch for the teflon slip disc inside.

When putting the viewfinder back on, tighten the ring until the viewfinder elbow is firm but can be shifted if you need to adjust the angle. Then lock the allen screw with the small lock nut.


For transport I would cover the exposed optical surfaces with some lens tissue taped on.

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I Emailed Dom after he responded and he requested I post it here so others might benefit:






Hello Dom,

Thanks for answering my question. It was very helpful. My follow up question is if you know the size of the two pronged driver I need? The manual doesn't specify beyond "special wrench".
Thanks in advance.
Hi David,

Feel free to ask these questions on the forum so others who may Google such a topic can also get to see the answers.

As far as the size of the "special wrench" goes, I don't know exactly, it's been some years since I worked on SR3s, but it just needs to fit the slotted nut. Something like a 4mm flat screwdriver with a 2mm gap ground or filed out of the middle. I used to make my own if the factory ones weren't quite right. You could even just use circlip pliers or some other tool with small tips as long as you were careful not to damage the nut.

Good luck,


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