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Jamieson Moore

Upgrading from Canon 5D Mark iii

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Over the last few years I have become more and more interested in film. Originally studying fine art photography, I have since then moved more into video - Making short films for myself and also doing some commercial videography (fashion videos, small music clips, etc). I am very much self taught and really have only learnt video through my Canon 5D mark iii (usually using the 24-70F2.8L) and I am finding lately I am wanting to step it up, particularly the quality of footage. I just feel what the images I'm producing are falling behind.


I have been trawling blogs and Youtube but thought I would just put the question out there for any suggestions on where to go next, is it new lens's, Blackmagic, GH5s, etc..


Thank you!








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I've found the Sony F3 (with proper LUTs) to be a nice next step for DSLR users cause it provides 10 bit log footage from an s35 sensor. 4/3 and super16 sensors are somewhat underwhelming for someone used to a big full frame sensor. I think they're cheaper than a7s cameras.

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What about say a second hand Sony fs7.. they are pretty cheap now.. and your "progressing" away from the DSLR video world into video specific cameras.. which actually makes working in moving pictures alot easier.. with an adaptor you can literally put just about any lens on this camera..Sony menus.. sigh ..a bit over complex.. but set up user page and its very simple..

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F3,s are very cheap now.. but have their draw backs.. so does the fs7 I guess.. but its much newer camera .. and will give you more for the buck.. outside of the high end market .. or at least by numbers in daily production it has to be the most used camera in the professional world today.. and just about any lens can fit in it too.. if you have the budget a 2nd hand fs7 II even better..

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Depends on how much you want to invest for the camera.

Personally, the cheapest option, which would give you the best in quality of footage is probably the Blackmagic Pocket camera: it allows you to shoot RAW, Pro Res,10bit,…, sure you’d learn so much in term of color grading, you could pair the camera with a metabones speedboster to reduce the 16mm crop factor and gain 1 stop. (It doesn’t have slow motion though, and it doens’t record more than 1080p). I think the Blackmagic micro cinema actually records slow motion, and it has all the features than the pocket has.

If you searching for something to shoot slow motion with (good camera also for photography), I personally really like the Sony a6500 (yet it records 8bit 4:2:0), and it's cheaper than the A7s II.

I haven’t tried the GH5, but never really liked the GH4. I don’t know, there’s something about that camera which I never really liked (even if people keep saying it’s got lots of better features than the sony a6500), but again this is just personal taste.

Sony FS7 is great, but way more expensive. As Robin said, you could find a used one, which could be quit cheaper!


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