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Lee Robinson

Which film stock? Macro & LED lighting

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Hey everyone,

Looking for some advice on film stocks. I'm shooting a very tiny sculpture (1inch by 1inch) that is made out of a dry leaf in a studio. The material is kind of translucent and a light brown-ish color, feels very organic. We need to use LED lights for another reason. The lights can be close to the object, although for some shots i imagine they would need to be maybe a meter away.


The lenses im using are macro and some of them have me right up within mm of the sculpture. I'm also using an extender which cuts 2 stops of light. I was thinking about stacking two extenders but i havent tried it yet to see if the framing is more desirable for some shots (but if its good then thats 2 stops for light loss).

I want the colors to be warm and lighting to resemble morning and afternoon suns rays.


Is it better to shoot on a daylight balanced film and use gels so the warmth isnt too overpowering, and also will i have enough light to shoot on 250D or 200T? Just thinking with the light loss in mind of the extender and wanting to still be able to have options for as deep of a depth of field as possible.

I know 500T is very flexible but im wondering about grain when the imagery is so macro.


What do you think?




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Sorry i should mention the object is hollow and so ill be looking through the front in some shots, so light would pass through the object and also come in through other open areas

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Yes, that is one reason. The other being the 500T has more exposure latitude, so it will be easier to get a denser negative. Use LEDs that are tungsten balanced. Shoot a grey card or scale. Getting a clean image, white being white, will give you the ability to grade the image to your liking in post. If you want to nail the look in camera, use lights balanced slightly warmer than the stock you use.

So if you are shooting on tungsten stock 3200k, use a 2700k high cri led Since you can get the light very close, the 50D may be possible, but that extension tube might be a problem. Still, high lumen high cri 4000k leds are easy to come by. So it is easy to change the led to suit the stock. fresh 35mm is very low grain despite iso.


Sounds cool. please share your footage when you are done.

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I meant to say the added sensitivity of the 500T is a plus. Both it and all Kodak Vision 3 stocks have lots of exposure latitude.

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Hi my name is Daya.


I would like to add, I would advise doing some tests if you can. Ask the lab if they can put a test through. I've found depending on what glass you have the 500T can be a bit on the grainy side. I've found it very clean however when I put very costly glass in front of it. You really saw the difference. I guess this is photography law, all the more reason to test the stock before production. You also may find the stock is slightly slowly then the box speed. If its Super 35? Grain should be minimum, I've only used it in 16.


Best of luck with your production.


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