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Luigi Castellitto

Zinc-air batteries question

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I use zinc-air batteries to replace those no longer produced, for example on my Bolex Gossen light meter.
I wondered if there was a way to slow down their discharge when they are not used, in addition to removing them from the device as do with normal batteries.
They have a really short life and cost a little bit.
Thank you. :)

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Thank you, Todd, in the past I tried to pack a zinc-air batteries by closing its holes; I did not seem to have achieved great results, but now I'm trying again with another one.

Meantime: I have read about a MR-9 battery adapter which is used with Silver Oxide batteries of 1.55v, for have 1.35v, and replace old PX13.
Do it get the same precision as with the usual zinc-air (like Wein Cell) that replaces the PX13?
Buy the adapter once and then buy the cheap silve oxide it would not be bad.

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I've heard varying results but generally it's not suggested since the voltage is different so it affects the meter reading. Fine in a pinch if you need them to even run the camera (like Nizo's) but not recommended.


Also I keep the little sticky cover piece that comes on them as well as the zip-lock bag and when I'm not filming, I replace the sticker and put back in the air tight bag. Seems to work well enough for me. But it IS annoying and if a mod was more accessible to make my Nizo 801M like a Pro that doesn't use the batteries, I'd be all over that.

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Thank you, Nick, I'm trying too with a air tight bag (and with holes covered by a sticker), we see that results come out...


However, the WeinCELL MRB625 have the right tension, 1.35v, the exposure meter is accurate.
Perhaps, the adapter I mentioned could be a valid substitution (also reduces to 1.35v batteries that would be 1.50v).
I will write about updates. :)

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How about keeping the battery in an airtight container, and spray some Propane/butane to push out the oxygene. It works when you don't want your developer to age when there is oxygene in the bottle.

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