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Ale Capo

Alexa mini and slider

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Hi guys,


I'm on a one man band shoot with alexa mini, masterprimes and ff5. It's a food commercial, where I would like to use slider for table/counter shots.


Since the shots are only sticks and slider, I would like to mount the camera on a slider and leave it there throughout the day to get static and slider- shot more efficiently. (as you would do with a technocrane on bigger budget).


My questions:


-Is it more efficient approach than keep changing from sticks to slider?


-what grip do I need with this camera kit? (slider- bowls- tripod(s?) ecc.


thank you.






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Presuming you will be using a Dana dolly or similar.. ie pretty heavy weight .. to deal with that camera.. they you need 2 x fairly beefy stands at each end... to raise or lower is at least a 2 person job.. I would have a separate tripod . it s alot easier to take the camera off the dolly and work with a tripod than move the dolly /stands arounds.. TBH doing this job as a one man band I don't think is a good idea.. if a commercial cant afford a camera assistant or a grip.. I would be worried about getting paid .. slider for Alexa Mini and lenses isn't like a DSLR slider.. just to raise our lower a Dana dolly is going to be really hard by yourself.. I would hold out for an AC .. save yourself alot of grief when your under pressure .. sounds like production is taking you for a bit of ride here..

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Thank you Robin for your reply,


A dana dolly seems like a great possibility. In that case, I'll make sure to be 2 person working, also for follow focus reasons.




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Ive only used a Dana dolly for "large" sized cameras with cine lenses etc.. anything smaller and its going to sag or worse !.. but they are fairly hefty bits of gear.. and two heavy duty stands .. one man band would be close to impossible .. good luck with the shoot.

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