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David Daniel Doherty

Outdoor lighting

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Hi all, I'm doing a project based on composites, like in the example.


That white object I'm using has a light inside it, so when night time happens in the video the composite kind of works, because the thing is kind of lit.


I'd like to light other outdoor surfaces up and was wondering if anyone can recommend any kind of quality video light, which can be used with battery for out doors.


Budget around £400 / $600


(p.s, you can also comment if you find the composite convincing or not - early test)






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Why don't you actually project the image onto the object? Then is going to look nice and organic and have a real flavour. Then your going to get the glow to look right - if you comp it in post it would be very difficult to make it look convincing.


You can get very small lightweight video projectors these days.


I did project with projection, some clips on my showreel:


www.vimeo.com/71019937 (@15sec in - experimenting with the projectors and lighting was half the fun)

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Hey, yeah those real projections look more vivid and glowy.


I'm comping it in post mainly because I'm more interested in effects/techniques than experimenting with a projector.


Lots of fun to be had experimenting also with blending modes.


And also, I'm using time lapse as opposed to video, so I can't actually film a real projection. That would also be time lapsed. Actually that could be an idea for another time

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I guess if your time-lapsing you could use longer exposures and get away with a smallish light. Maybe a small rotolight would do the job? Something like a NEO, runs on AA's



That would probably work with smaller objects on slower shutter speeds.


I think timelapse projection could be quite fun - it would help with exposure and perhaps make those smaller battery powered pico projectors work.

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