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I proudly present to you the new camera control module I built myself,

Cine Assist 1.2

hoping that this could be interesting to some of you here, it already help me quite a bit!


It was created mainly with Super-8 cameras with electrical remote sockets in mind, but can also be used on various other cameras as well.


Once attached to your camera, the small board offers a new set of possibilities:

  1. Start, stop or delay your film recording automatically
  2. Remote control your camera with your smart phone
  3. Record independent but still synchronized live sound
  4. Autonomously output digital data onto film

Filmmakers can use the module through 3 different interfaces

  1. Direct control with on-board switches, feedback on OLED display
  2. Bluetooth remote control with dedicated Cine Assist Android app
  3. PC control with the Cine Assist Windows application

I have uploaded videos in English and German covering the features of Cine Assist on my website


so you can find much more details there, if you like.


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Thank you!


The modules I have sold so far were shipped exactly as shown here and on my website.

I would like to eventually put them in custom-made boxes for sure, but still have to find a good offer to keep those costs down.


Each module is based on a board I designed and all the other components I manually assemble myself too. Also the software and firmware both on the module as well as the PC and Android apps were developed by myself.


Additional boards are on their way from the fab to me, by the end of this month more modules will be assembled and ready to ship.

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Just to let you guys know, there's a new video on the website, showing you how to do standalone time lapses.

You can set the delay between frames in hours, minutes and seconds and chose how many frames to expose, then leave.

Cine Assist takes care of everything itself, no PC or smart phone is needed.

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