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Sandra Merkatz

Legend (1985) - Dress Waltz scene

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Hello! :)


I'm not a huge fan of Ridley Scott's 1985 movie “Legend”, but I've always liked the Dress Waltz scene (as well as Tim Curry´s performance as “Darkness”). In this scene, Darkness tries to seduce Princess Lily to get her onto the dark side by sending her a black, beautiful but somehow creepy dress, and making her dance with the dress. At first Lily is afraid, but the dress seduces her and makes her dance with it.

I like this scene very much, the atmosphere, the mood, the acting, the music, the colors...

(By the way, I prefer the European Cut to the American Cut because it lasts longer and I like the music of Jerry Goldsmith a bit better than that of the German band Tangerine Dream. But both versions have their advantages and disadvantages.)


Now I have seen some videos on YouTube on the topic "How to block a scene", and also other videos about picture composition, camera movement etc. And now I don't enjoy the scene from "Legend" anymore, because I always feel like I'm missing interesting details!

That's why I wanted to ask you if you could say a few words about it? Please don't get me wrong, I don't expect a detailed analysis of this scene, just a few thoughts, a few hints on how the camera is moved, how the scene or some shots are blocked. Maybe you can tell me which shots are well done, and why. And which shots are not that good, and why.

I am happy about every answer I get :-)

Here is the video (the dance sequence starts at 1:45):







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