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John Rolfe

Arri 300 safe distance

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I've noticed that ARRI lists the safe distance for their ARRI 300W tungsten as 1-2 meters. Does that mean it's dangerous to be close to the ARRI even if it's facing away? How hot is it within a meter of it?


If it's too close to a wall or curtain or makes contact could that ignite a fire?


Also are two arri 300W enough to light a small room?

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How could a tungsten fresnel - and 300W at that - be dangerous at 2 meters from behind? It's not an HMI where you can get UV exposure if, say, a back lid is missing on an ancient 70s HMI fresnel. At 300 Watts neither does it heat up a small room too fast, even though something like 270W (compare that to a couple kilowatts that radiators and heat fans consume) goes into emitting infrared (some is focused into the beam, the rest heats the body).

It's not that easy to start a fire with a beam of a 10K fresnel, a 300W can hardly melt foam if very close. It's VNSP pars and other pinpoint sources that burn gels and ignite things all the time. Make sure though there's some space and nothing flammable above the fixture. Remember school physics - convection? All the hot air from the fixture goes up.

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Arri's photometric's app says the safe distance is 1m, which means in front of the light. And with such a tiny light like a 300, it will mean how comfortable it is for talent to be in front of it for extended time.

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