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Rigging a light outside windows

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I have an upcoming shoot that I need a hard light outside a third floor window to simulate the late afternoon sun, and using haze and venetian blinds for the light rays. The light is probably a Aputure 300 or 120, shaped with a bowen reflector and barndoors. Location's first level are pubs and coffeeshops so human traffic are aplenty. Original plan was to shoot in the early morning with lesser human traffic, having the light on a raised Matthews Hi Hi roller stand, or even two Hi Hi with a short goal post, but it now seems that we probably have to shoot in the daytime so having the light raised from the ground floor is a no go. The building is also in the shade most of the time due to it surrounded by high rise buildings so the natural light outside is probably not hard or directional enough to create the light rays.


I am wondering if its possible to rig it to the window grilles instead? They are made of wood, pic attached.


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I think the biggest problem with what you're proposing is that even the 300W light is not likely to be powerful enough to do what you want against daylight. Perhaps, at night, you might just about get it to do something, but I'd advise you test carefully to make sure it will give you the effect you're after.


Depending what's underneath the window I would be very careful about rigging things outside it. One mistake, something falls and hits someone, and you have a very big problem.

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Thank you Phil. We could shoot after 6pm, when its near twilight, just that the during that time the ground floor is dining and wining timing.


I am now considering to menace arm it out of the window and have the light point back. There is also Smith Weightlifting rack at the position which I can have the menace arm go over for additional support.


Or we may scrap the idea, close the windows and set up the light from the other side and gobo it with a wall of venetian blinds, its not accurate to real life structure of the location, but it may work on camera, a lot less work and much safer.


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Any type of rig that puts the head out over the edge of the balcony is a safety issue for anyone on the street. Could you attach a safety chain or cable from the the head to the balcony above?

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