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Upscaling 2.5K ArriRaw?

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Forgive me if this question is completely off base.


Have any of you ever recorded the output of an EV camera to a 7Q and captured/upscaled in 4k?

Was the client able to notice? Would the portable recorder even give you the option?



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Arri Alexa material is upscaled to 4k all the time, and no one can ever tell, unless they are pixel peepers.

Now is this solely because ARRI footage comes with such a great quality, or could virtually any 1080p/2.5k camera image be upscaled to 4K without anyone really noticing?

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Depends on the quality of the original -- ARRIRAW is uncompressed so there wouldn't be the smoothing and softening that comes with compression, which is one reason why 2.8K ARRIRAW footage upscales to 4K better than, let's say, 1080P from a DSLR. And it's 2.8K, not 1080P!


Amazon shows (like the one I'm shooting) are often using 3.2K 16x9 ProRes 4444 on the Alexa and upscaling to UHD (3840 x 2160) with excellent results.


But sharpness is often a perceptual issue too -- footage shot on a sunny day under hard light will look sharper than footage shot on an overcast day. And shallow focus photography often gives the illusion that the subject is sharper simply because it pops out from a soft background more clearly.

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Have a look at Steve Yedlin's resolution tests. He compares upscaled 2k material with native 4k and 11k downscaled material. When it's all viewed at 4k, the differences can only be seen by pixel peeping. 4k is really the sweet spot of human perception for most purposes.

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