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Roger Alexander

Special Polarizer for window reflections?

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I have a circular Hoya polarizer which helps make my skies more vibrant and blocks reflected light so I can see through windows mostly in the day time.


However it does not get rid of all reflections on glass especially at night. When I am shooting night time interiors, I can still see reflections of the lights and everything else in the room from the windows in the room we are shooting. Is there anyway to fix that?





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Off the top of my head, the solution is cheap but a pain to plan.


First, kill all those little lights in the ceiling as well as the lights in the (I think) kitchen. That'll be doing the majority of the heavy lifting.


Next, before adjusting your shot lighting, plan the the angles out by playing around. You might take 6 steps towards the window and see the problem has vanished. Select certain shots for your sequence where it vanishes due to sheer reflection angle.


It's a basic balance of brightness inside vs brightness outside. Use your flags, barn-doors, or black foil to make sure light is only hitting your subjects and blocking the source from any potential reflective surfaces.

This is where those matte black C-Stands come in handy; far less reflective than silver.



Also be willing to accept that in the real world we get those reflections, so a little bit here or there isn't the end of the world... unless of course there is something very specific which needs to be show outside of that window.

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