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Fixing ACL 400ft French Magazine

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After quite a long search I've finally got a French 400 magazine. I have been checking it for things that need to be fixed and have come across two so far:


The magazine has four rollers. From the upper two, the one on the left doesn't roll when film comes through. It occasionally does but not as much as it's supposed to do. Would oiling this be the solution? And what kind do I need and is there an instruction somewhere on how to do it?


The other thing is that when film comes through the magazine, it makes a squeaking sound in the take-up side and seems to hit the black plate around the sprocket holder. When I have a 100ft daylight spool on it, the film hits against the spool. I already took off the black plate and patiently bend it straight as far as I could. Could there be something else causing this?


I know I'm maybe better off sending it to a tech, but I wanna give it a try myself and it would save me quite some money.

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From what I remember from my days or repairing these, the take-up spindle itself can develop wear and play over time and cause some wobbling of the spindle and the the flange. New spindle parts might solve the problem. As for using a daylight spool in the mag, film scraping against it is almost unavoidable.

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