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Max Field

Your Own Cinematography Tropes?

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Thought this would be a fun thread of guilty confessions.


What are elements in your arsenal you find yourself always going back to/reusing on most of your shoots when you're in control of the visuals?


The same focal length, same light placement, same diffusion, aperture, etc?

Either due to limitation or you simply like the look of it.

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Far-Side Key.

32mm Lens.
White-Balance for daylight set to 7~10K (depending)

Good, Static, Long (duration) shots to let the actors act.

not shooting the ever-living crap out of a scene.


but that's in those rare instances where I got to really work with a director and they agree.

Sometimes I'm lucky and I'll get a director to agree with me that all the scene needs is one really good wide.

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I'm a big fan of hazing interiors. You need the right production team though cause it's a hassle with the smoke detectors and everyone has to agree to at least try to keep the continuity of the haze consistent throughout the scene which can be hard depending on the length of it and the size of the space, amount of bodies walking through etc.

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My guilty pleasure is shooting long masters with moving cameras and single focal lengths. Sometimes to the detriment of time, money and perfect lighting.


I like to build momentum and get poop shot fast, I hate dilly dallying around with multiple angles on sticks or on a dolly, constantly moving the camera between takes, constantly adjusting the lighting, etc. I get pissy with directors who don't have a clue what blocking is, hence the reason when I wear the DP hat, I'm usually the Director as well. teehee

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