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Bravo Michael Nwosu

Young, growing Director of Photography here, looking for thoughts on my first reel and latest short

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I'm a 22 year old Director of Photography, currently living in Brooklyn, NY after flying out from Texas a month ago after graduating. I'm new to this world so my portfolio consists of work I've curated since I first picked up a camera last September. I attended a school mostly interested in stage theatre so I've taught myself most all of what I needed to know the benefit of those self teachings was that I was able to learn my tastes fairly quickly and untethered. I'm posting my portfolio and recent short film to hear your thoughts as these are the works I plan on using to look for some work while I'm trying to make it out here in the industry. Thank you!






Short, "Birthday"


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I don't comment on reels often cause I personally never saw the point of making reels in the first place.


Your short had a good core concept with alright execution as well. However there was something with the general feel of the direction/cinematography which felt a tad too art-house for me.

It's good that your goal is to upset the viewer, even better that I can gather that was your goal from the 2 minutes runtime.

The ability to twist and leave the viewer uncomfortable is far more powerful when grounded in the setup of commercial filmmaking. Which isn't so much the budget itself, just reducing the jumpcuts and popping more with your lighting and color grading.

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Nice real, and nice short too, like the concept.


I feel that some of the shots (in the reel and the short) are kinda underexpose, not like a mistake but in the gray area in which is an esthetic choice. Saying that, I believe that you probably want more contrast in that shots, but 1 or 1 1/2 stop more of light.



Great material, keep the good work!

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