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Orange sticks, what did camera operators use them for?

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I was reading the year 2000 edition of the Kodak cinematography field guide and among the essential supplies for a ditty bag it listed orange sticks, which I believe are thin, 4- or 5-inch long sticks used by manicurists. They have tapered ends.


Is that what Kodak is talking about? If so, does anyone know how camera operators and cinematographers used them? Do they have any relevance today?


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Orange wood sticks can help you to get rid of gelatine build-up in the gate. One must never attack film guiding parts with metals or anything harder still.

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Certainly relevant if you happen to be shooting film; though it's more an AC thing than a cam op cinematographer thing. I still have some in my bag-- though anymore I use them to clean myself up at the end of the day.

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Well; when you think that film is "deposited" on top of the base-layer as "some gunk" in essence; it can happen. But; man, those were the days. I miss hearing "good gate moving on."

Also we used to lube the film pressure plate/gate with the grease from the inside of your eyes/nose area ;) Or so the ACs I've had in times past have done.

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