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Nelson JJ Flores

Mole Richardson Tener's Capacity

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Hey everyone, so I'll be DP'ing a project this upcoming weekend. I'm thinking of using a LED Tener and a couple of the LED Seniors to use as my main sources of daylight. I'm trying to keep it consistent throughout the day because it's one scene happening within an hour.


The units will be shooting into Ultra Bounce's and going in through the windows that will have warm sheers. I'm wondering if the Tener and Seniors will be capable of giving me a good amount of light within the interiors. Going for a High Key Soft Look. Ideally looking to shoot at a 4-5.6 if possible so I'm wondering if theses units can help me.



I've drawn and attached an overhead as to what I had planned.




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It would be very helpful to know which camera and ISO you intend to shoot at? If we are assuming the pretty much industry standard 800 ISO, then for a t5.6 you need around 50 fc (500 lux) - this is exluding the overexposure you might need for the highkey look. For bounced light on house power, those are kind of big numbers. Especially since you mentioned all of this will go through sheers again, effectively acting as a layer of diffusion.


Out of instinct, I would assume that you need more light intensity then what you are getting with your planed setup. I would suggest at least M40s for the bounces and they are (according to the manufacturers photometrics) a good bit brighter then the Mole Tener (2000 fc / 30000 lux vs 253 fc / 21400 lux, both at full flood at 10ft/3m distance). I have no experience with the Mole Tener, but my gut tells me that for that kind of setup even M40s would be too dim.

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