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Hey all, perhaps I need to refine my technique, the way I step and hold the gimbal, but I'm having difficulty shooting arc style shots / moving around the subject.


I'm experiencing wobble.


This is a problem at focal lengths which are not wide - longer than 24mm for example. I understand the longer the focal length, the higher the chance of wobble.


I have no problem shooting these with wider angles.


I want arc shots with 35mm focal length.


I guess I want to know if this is a common problem at such focal lengths? Are people commonly shooting such movements at 35 plus?


I also tried with an 85mm and it was hopeless.


Note, with long lenses I shoot straight movements with gimbal, it's only when turning I experience problems.


Any thoughts appreciated.




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I think basically it comes down to practice .. and that you have a decent and balanced gimbal of course in the first place.. same as steadicam operators or even just plain operating a camera on a tripod.. you can see it done well in youtube videos.. by people who have been doing gimbal work for many years.. there its also a reason everyone makes their gimbal footage slo mo :)

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Thanks for the reply, yeah you're probably right.


Always balanced correctly, that's definitely not the issue. I'll post a few samples.


I think maybe turning my full body with the gimbal, with straight wrist which doesn't bend / pan, might be the ticket.

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What gimbal do you have.. I have the Ronin S.. which has a huge amount of adjustment variations .. motor strengths .. speeds..response .. also I found 2 handle operation "easier".... Im no expert but long lens on a gimbal going around a subject and trying to keep them in the middle is hard.. do you have a joy stick.. ? sometimes you can use that as you move ..if you start getting lost frame wise..


Or slo mo it all 50/60 fps.. :)..

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Might be worth having a play with different Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deadband settings to get something responsive without side to side wiggle.

I've used some kits that will bounce around an end mark if you pan too quickly until Hold Strength and Power are balanced out.

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