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Gerald King

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K

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Hi guys, so I recently went on a hunt to find a way of purchasing the BMUMP, but I read somewhere in the comment section that it doesn't have a global shutter, so I did some more research, come to find out that there was a posting about it producing artifacts. Is it still a decent camera regardless? Tell me your thoughts below.

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It is a decent camera. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an optical low pass filter, which I think is critical with digital cameras of any kind these days. Even the pocket cinema camera has one, but for some reason they didn't put it on the UMP.


If ya use pretty old/softer glass, it works great honestly. It's just with the modern digital cinema glass where it looks eh... a bit too sharp.


It was designed original with a global shutter, but there was a huge compromise in imager sensitivity with it, so it's NOT global shutter in the final release. It's not noticeably more prone to rolling shutter then the Red in my opinion.


If it had an optical low pass filter AND a double ISO imager like the new 4k pocket cinema has, I think it would be a better deal. I think it's a bit expensive without those functions, which I think today is very critical as more and more cameras are going that way.

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I love the footage out of my UMP 4.6k. I'm using vintage Rokkor glass. The latest update with BRAW is a huge space saver, getting over an hour RAW on a 128G card, instead of 15-20min of Cinema DNG. And the ISO is now goes up to 3200 with the latest firmware update. I bought it when global shutter was in the specs and honestly didn't ever follow up, I haven't had any issues with rolling shutter jello.


There is now an OLPF available: http://rawlite.com/olpf-for-blackmagic-ursa-mini-pro-4-6k/

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People are way too obsessed over if a camera is "global shutter" or not. Basically NO CAMERAS have this! (which are S35 & used on big budget modern films that is, with the possibly exception of the Sony F55 that is used on some)

So clearly people are getting upset over something which 99% of us live with just fine.

What is more important is to look at *how much* rolling shutter does it have?

A Sony a7S has lots! While an Arri Alexa has very little.

The latest URSA Mini Pro G2 has very very *very* little rolling shutter at best, is right up there with an Arri Alexa

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