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Michael Carter

What 16mm cameras have auto exposure

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Automatic exposure is missing on all my 16mm cameras and lenses. The Bolex zooms with it never seem to work. Does someone fix them? Is auto exposure even used in 16mm? Scoopic? Can they work?

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This is from memory only.

Cameras with auto-exposure:

All Scoopics

Some Beaulieu R16 models.

Some Arriflex 16SR models with special lenses.

Probably the Beaulieu News 16 (not 100% sure).

There may be others as well.

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Tyler, shooting manually with 7363 outdoors is difficult when cloud cover is variable, which is most of the time. The slightest change in brightness shows. The film has no latitude. It'd be great not to worry about that.

Yes, scoopic, the Filmphotography guy has some videos using one.

Just saw it.

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Auto-exposure 16mm film motion picture cameras are


(Eumig C 16, semiautomatic with selenium cell, 1956)

Bell & Howell 200 Electric Eye, 1956

Bell & Howell 240 EE, 1957

Paillard-Bolex H-16 with Kern-Paillard Vario-Switar 86 EE, 1964

(Pathé WEBO M 16 Behind-The-Lens, semiautomatic, 1964)

Canon Scoopic, 1966

Bolex 16 Pro, 1966

Beaulieu R 16 Automatic, 1968

Arriflex 16 BL, Through-The-Lens meter, 1970

Beaulieu News 16, 1973

Mitchell Sportster 164, 1974

Arriflex 16 SR, TTL meter, 1975

Cinema Products R 16, TTL meter, 1975

Arriflex 16 Standard with TTL meter, 1976

Cinema Products GSMO, 1981

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Thank you both for those lists. Some are on eBay. One seller of a 79 dollar auto eye 16mm camera does not know if the exposure part works, just the motor.

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